Planning the Party We Wish to See In the World

soil and hands copyIt is quite known in multicultural and social justice organizing, that if you want a diverse group of people at a party, you must have a diverse group of people planning the party.  Inclusivity begins on the ground floor and is part of a systemic shift in the dynamics of who envisions the party, gets funding for the party, plans the party, puts out the invitations to the party etc.

This November there will be a convening of initiators for the Collection Action Network Approach (CANA), a new incarnation of emergent and progressive Christian leaders, activists and organizations who will  be starting the visioning and planning for the party.  The invitation to participate is lovely and inclusive, with much intention put into casting as wide a net as possible. I  believe that the open invitation to help plan the party is an authentic and relational invitation and not simply an attempt to tokenize a few representatives.

To be honest, I have found myself  critiquing the lack of inclusivity of white cultured organizing for nearly two decades and I’ve grown weary. So in the interest of supporting this effort while supporting my dream of multicultural organizing emerging in this context, myself and some friends have decided to raise money.  Funds will go to interested folks from marginalized and impacted communities of color and will cover the cost of flights and hotels.  I know that money alone is not the answer, but for me, I feel that giving up my seat at the table to someone who can speak directly from their experience of marginalization is a step in the right direction.  Collectively, and with very little personal financial investment, we can be a part of helping to set the table for a broader, more diverse collaboration of progressive Christians in this effort to roll out powerful action for change. Will you join us?

If you think it’s important to have voices from marginalized communities in on the ground floor of national progressive Christian organizing for racial, economic, environmental and social justice, please give to this effort right now.

If you or someone you know wants to be at CANA and needs support to do so, please email me [email protected]

For more information on the CANA initiative, please visit:




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